Self Defence Manchester Will Make Massive Changes in You Almost Overnight!

Our Self Defence Manchester Programs Will Provide You With Unstoppable Confidence !

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This class is unlike any other self defence Program. Our Self defence system is a mixed martial arts system designed to cut out all the complexity and provide a urban battle tested system.

I can assure you this class Is the most exciting self defence system to date. Our Self Defence Program is a progressive system that is evolving all the time hence even though with in months you will have the skills you need, there will always be something to learn from us.

If there is no change after 30 days of playing full out I'll give you your money back and another 30 days free.

So what to expect at one of our sessions:-

We are going to start you off with Easy to learn routines that takes advantage of your natrual reactions to a threat. This is know as gross motor-skills. As you progress we will introduce slightly more complex techniques.
Our Self Defence Classes in Manchester are specifically created for people to Develop fast skills that can save their lives....

  • Acquire Vital Self defence Skills
  • Gain unstoppable confidence
  • Train in a supportive friendly environment

Self Defence

"Preventing being a victim, either by precautions or making yourself ready in the unlikely event of being subjected to violence. Makes sense in my book". Master E

There are hundreds of self defence systems and they all profess to be the best. The fact is a punch is a punch and a kick is a kick and most violent people on the street have no self discipline to be proficient in the fight game. We will provide you with a rounded view of Self Defence and through repetition you will have the ability to ward off attacks from an undesirable and keep your loved ones safe. If your heart desires we will even provide you with an arena to pressure test your skills. Our Krav Maga program provides something for everyone.

So if you want to Learn effective self defence, Feel Confident Feel Safe And Secure

You should come and expereince our Self Defence Academy which is dedicated to providing you with what you need. Our company works with individuals, private institutions, companies, schools and community groups to provide the highest degree of training related to self defence.

Our Full time location is based in Didsbury Manchester, however we have satalite locations such as Trinity Sports Centre in central Manchester. Our Manchester team are fully qualified to carry out self defence training and are presently teaching Physical intervention and assault avoidance to Security workers who are working at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Our Self defence and personal safety programs based in Manchester will help you assess and deal with any dangerous or conflict situation. You will be able to risk assess any situation with in seconds and react accordingly. You will have the confidence to take charge and lead when need be.

Manchester Self Defence Training

  • Reduces Risk of Assault
  • Increases your confidence
  • Enhances ability to identify risk
  • Reduces the need to resort to force
  • Provide you the skills to keep you, your family, friends safe

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